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WE SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN FARMERS - 30% of our profits go back to Farmers and the Buy a Bale Program to support animal welfare and regional Australia. All product made is traceable back to the Australian farm where it is produced. When you purchase PROMISE Pet Treats you’re buying Aussie-made food and treats your dog will love, plus you’re contributing to a greater cause.

PROMISE Pet Treats began when I realised there were few, if any, freeze dried, ethically raised and sourced, natural, grain free, organic pet treats available in Australia. With this in mind and using my experience from my own pets' health, plus knowledge of food production, along with a passion for ethical farming practices and animal welfare, PROMISE Pet Treats was created.

IT’S THE SOURCE THAT COUNTS - PROMISE Pet Treats promises to supply natural handcrafted pet treats that are made from grass-fed, free range, organic and sustainable sources. They are 100% single ingredient and contain no additives, preservatives or growth hormones. The end result is a pet treat that doesn't just hold up to high standards of ethical integrity, but also contains a high quality of meat, meaning your pet will be healthier and happier and the environment will be better off. We use the best freeze-drying technology to make the world’s best pet treats, from organic wholefood made and grown in Australia. We produce one small batch at a time to ensure higher quality and attention to detail, this includes third party testing all products to ensure your pet’s treats are human grade quality.

AT PROMISE WE BELIEVE THE SPECIAL FLAVOURS OF CENTRAL AUSTRALIA’S CHANNEL COUNTRY ARE WORTH SHARING WITH YOUR PET - It’s often easy to forget that the food in your pet’s bowl was part of a carnivorous animal diet and food chain. But how was that animal raised? How was it treated? How healthy was the land and soil? We believe the humane treatment of animals should extend to those who make up your pet’s ancestral diet.

At PROMISE our farmers are selected for their values with a like-minded attitude to the land and all their animals. Their practices are always guided by an attitude of care, responsibility and respect. We only work with farmers who either have a humanely raised certification label or have extensive humanely raised practices. Our treats are hand crafted, passionately prepared using humanely raised and human-grade, antibiotic-free and steroid-free meats, certified organic produce, made in a human-grade food production facility.

You don't pay anything extra for Promise Pet Treats compared to other Organic Pet Treats. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite, you'll find our products incredible value for money. So you'll be getting the best products and helping rural communities, farmers, their families and animals in need from drought.

We think your pets will know the difference too!

They know what tastes great, and we PROMISE you,
our treats taste better than any other treat you’ve bought before!

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