Here at Zach’s Pet Shop we’re always on the lookout for great brands of pet toys, food, bedding, collars, feeders, medications, treats, cages and carriers. If you don’t see a product you would like, send us an email and we will see if we can get it in stock for you. Below are some of the great brands we stock here at our online pet store. 

With a great range of collars and sprays, our Adaptil products help calm your dog if they get anxious. This calming spray for dogs is great if you want to help your puppy or established family pet reduce their stress levels. 

Advance is a pet brand that’s known all over Australia. They have helped Australian pets stay safe from all sorts of insects and nasties. They even make a great range of dry dental dog food that we stock online.

Reliable and effective, Advantage produces a great range of dog and cat flea and tick treatments that come in single-dose squeeze packs and collars.

A great range of flea and tick tick treatments for dogs of all sizes is available in our Advantix range of products. Available in both 3 and 6 packs and for most weight ranges. Buy online today and save. 

If you’re looking for flea, heartworm and worm treatments as an all-in-one, our range of Advocate drops and squeeze packs keep your pets safe all year round.

All for Paws (AFP)
By far one of the most popular brands in our online pet store, All For Paws makes an amazing range of products for dogs and cats. Toys, wands, plush toys, scratchers, chill mats, treat dispensers, balls, teething toys, chew toys, booster seats and pools. 

Allpet makes a wonderful range of bowls, pull toys, storage bins, plush toys and waterers. If you’re looking for high-quality pet toys, Allpets products are hard to beat.  

If you’ve not heard of Aloveen before, you and your pet are in for a treat. Aloveen’s range of oatmeal extract shampoo and conditioner for dogs will keep your hound looking great and smelling beautiful.

If you’re looking for a cream that treats pyoderma, we stock Aniwell’s Filta-Bac Tube. A great option for this condition. 

If your dog’s favourite game is fetch, Aussiedog products are for you! Aussiedog makes a great range of balls and toys perfect for fetch. They also make toys that you can hide dog treats inside and the famous slapthong – a great alternative to sticks. 

Bags on Board
Responsible dog owners always carry bags with them when they go for walks with their pooches. Bags on Board make a wonderful range of dog poo bags and dispensers so you can always pick up your pooch’s poopers when you’re out and about.

Balanced Life
If you want a dried dog food that is healthy and full of all the things a pet needs, Balanced Life dog foods are a great option. The best thing about some of these products is they’re air dried so all you need to do is add water. Great for travelling or home use. Balanced Life also makes a great range of dog treats and dry food for dogs.

Barkley & Bella
If it’s dog beds you want, Barkley & Bella delivers in spades. Their range of wicker beds are super popular with Zach’s Pet Shop customers and make a comfortable sleep spot for your favourite furry friend. 

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly dog poo bags, BioGone pet bags are biodegradable and landfill friendly. 

Black Dog
If your dog goes crazy for jerky, bones, ears and biscuit treats, Black Dog has a range that’s sure to please even the fussiest of puppers. Buttons, skewers, liver treats, bully sticks, ears, hooves and everything in between. Buy online and have them shipped to your door. 

Controlling fleas and ticks has never been easier with Bravecto’s range of flea and tick treatments for pets. 

Cat Dancer
If your cat is the playful type, Cat Dancer makes some great play toys for cats. Get your furry friend a new cat toy online. 

If your pet’s teeth need some tender loving care, Ceva make a range of beef and chicken toothpaste for pets that your four-legged family member will just love!

Get safe and reliable treatment for fleas, ticks and worms with our range of Comfortis pet products. 

If you’re looking for fun and funky toys for your pet, Cookoo products are bright, colourful and best of all your pets will love them!

Da Bird
If your cat is into feathers and fun, our range of Da Bird products will be sure to get them playing and running and jumping in no time. 

Doggy Delights
We all know that dogs live for treats, so why not give them something special with these amazing dog treats that are made in Australia and have no added flavours. 

Dr Chews
If the doctor is in, your pooch is in for a real treat. Coming in a range of different types and sizes, these are high-quality dog treats you can buy online. 

With a great range of tablets and chews for worms, Drontal is your go-to brand for all-wormers for your pets. 

Evolution Animal Care
Natural and full of pre and probiotics, our range of Evolution Animal Care products help to optimise intestinal health.

If you need a little help with your cat’s behaviour, Feliway has a great range of behaviour cat sprays and scratching post liquid.

Flea control at its best. Fido’s complete environmental flea control will help you to kill fleas, their eggs and their larvae.

These high-tech cat toys will be the envy of every pet on the street. 

Frontline Plus
Well known for their reliable treatment of fleas, these dog flea treatments will ensure you kill fleas dead. 

Do yourself, your dog’s breath and their teeth a favour and buy some greenies dental treats for your pooch today. 

Harper & Hound
If you love fashion and dogs, why not combine the two with Harper & Hound’s range of dog hoodies!

If you’re serious about protecting your pet against heartworm, you can’t go past HeartGard’s range of pet heart tablets. 

Hueter Toledo
Funny name, but awesome products. Their range of Airballs, footballs and balls for dogs are sure to keep your pooch amused for hours. 

If you travel a lot or just need a pet carrier to wheel your four-legged friend around, take a look at our amazing range of wheeled pet carriers and backpacks.

Tasty chews for dogs that prevent heartworm and control roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and tapeworm. 

It’s treat time
Every dog owner knows how hard it is to open a packet of chips or get a treat without a slobbering mess sitting at your feet. Give them their own jerky pet treats and get them off your back!

Ivory Coat
Treats that also help your pets have a shiny thick coat? Who would have thunk it! Ivory Coat are gourmet dog treats that will be sure to please even the fussiest of eaters. 

Joint Guard
Great for aging pets or breeds that are known to have issues with arthritis or joint problems. Buy online and save today. 

Probably one of the best known pet toy brands, our range of Kong toys will keep your pet occupied and out of trouble. Great range at the best prices. 

Love em
If you’re the kind of dog owner that loves to give your pet a little treat every now and then, our Love em range of pet treats will keep your dog begging for more!

If your pet has a skin condition and you’re looking for medicated pet shampoo, check out Malaseb’s range of dermatological shampoos for pets. 

Mighty Raw
In the world of dogs, treats are what makes the world go round so why not buy dog treats online and pamper your pooch. 

If you’re looking for a broad spectrum allwormer tablet for dogs, you’ve come to the right place. Milbemax makes a great range of allwormer tablets. 

Monkee Tree
We all know that cats love to climb. If you’re sick and tired of your cats climbing all over your furniture, why not give them a little spot of their own with our cat trees and scratching poles. 

NAS (Natural Animal Solutions)
Help calm your pets or soothe their ails with these range of natural remedies for pets. 

We’ve all heard of Nerf before but did you know they have a range of toys for dogs? Check them out and buy online to save!