Da Bird Super Wand Bundle

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Da Bird's Super Wand is the perfect starting point for Da Bird Refill Attachments.

This wand-style cat toy comes without any attachments so you can pick and mix their favourites. You can choose from the following attachments:

  • Cat Catcher, Refill Mouse with Feathers
  • Go Cat Da Birdie Attachment
  • Go Cat Da Goldfish Attachment
  • Go Cat Da Octopus Attachment
  • Go Cat Da ZebraFish Attachment
  • Cat Catcher, Refill Mouse

Wand Features:

  • Non-toxic materials
  • Short wand enclosed with glitter (assorted colours)
  • Long nylon dangling wire - 40cm
  • Great interactive play for cats

Da Bird is one of the best cat toys ever invented. There is nothing like it to get a cat's attention and to stimulate their inner self.

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