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Dog Bedding Products

If there’s one place our pooches spend more time at (other than at our feet begging for food!) it’s in their bed. Even excitable breeds like Jack Russels, Kelpies and Boxers all need a safe and comfortable place to sleep for the night and throughout the day. 

Pamper your pooch with our collection of dogs beds – available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and prices. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, comfortable and stylish bed for your Fluffernugget McSloberguts, Zachs’ Pet Shop has got you covered. 

Wicker Dog Beds

There is something timeless and stylish about wicker isn’t there? Cool and comfortable in the summer but enough coverage to keep the cold breeze out in winter, a wicker dog bed always looks lovely (particularly if you have wicker furniture in your home or outdoor area).

Washable Dog Beds

If you’ve got a Porkchop that loves to dig and get dirty, chances are you’ll be looking for a washable dog bed to make life a little easier. We have several types of washable dog beds from the traditional trampoline style through to heavy-duty washable beds for those puppers that love to try to dig a hole to the centre of the earth through their beds before they can get comfortable. 

Plush Dog Beds

Some dogs love to sleep on the grass – others are happy with the tiles or the concrete, but not your dog. Your dog requires the utmost in comfort when letting out their little snorks and snarks as they sleep. If your Snugglebork McCuddlemuffins requires only the most comfortable of beds, we’ve got you sorted with our range of plush dog beds.

Designer & Furniture Dog Beds

If nothing is too good for your Shaggy Borkmeister you need to take a look at the absolutely gorgeous range of designer & furniture dog beds we have in stock and ready to ship. They’re cute, cosy and everything your Cuddle Pumpkin needs to get a great night’s sleep. 

Dog Stairs

Is your Booper McFloofer on the more distinguished side of the age bracket and requires assistance in getting on the couch or bed? Perhaps you have a Schnitzel Von Crumb or other suitably short-statured pooch that requires some help getting up or down from time to time. Our dog stairs help your pooch get up on the couch no matter how short or mature they may be.


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