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Rope Bone 36Cm

Rope Bone 36Cm


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Dog Toys

Dogs are smart. Sometimes too smart. They always know which hand the treat is in and if there’s a way to get to that slice of pizza on the bench, they’ll figure it out. This is why dogs need toys. Not just one toy, a range of different toys to keep them occupied and out of mischief. 

Interactive Toys

If you have an inquisitive four-paws that’s snooping and spying their way around the house or the backyard looking for the next bit of mischief to get into, you need to make sure you keep them occupied. If your dog is constantly getting into trouble, chances are he’s bored. Here are some signs of a bored dog:-

  • Destroying your entire house! (chew fest)

  • Digging holes

  • Barking for your attention (yes, they’re trying to tell you they’re bored)

  • Nipping or biting at you

  • Whining and/or following you around

  • Strewing things around the house or yard (rubbish, cushions, laundry, etc)

  • Pacing or doing laps

We have a great range of interactive dog toys available online to keep your pooch stimulated and out of trouble. Puzzles, chew toys, flyers and frisbees, Kongs and even an Automatic Treat & Toy Vending Machine that enables you to dispense treats or toys at certain times with a voice recording to boot!!

Tough Toys

Does your doggo go through toys like a drunk uncle goes through eggnog at Christmas dinner? We’ve got a great range of tough toys that won’t break the first time your Doogie Houndser gets his teeth around them. We’ve got tuff plush toys, durable rubber toys that are tough but gentle on the gums and toys you can hide treats in. 

Dog Puzzle Toys

Does your dog tire of his toys quickly? Perhaps a dog puzzle toy is an answer! Our puzzle toys range from simple dog bone covers through to composite toys that have sections that move and rotate to hide treats and keep your dog occupied for hours!

Puppy Toys

Everyone loves a puppy. They’re cute, cuddly and hard to resist. What isn’t cute is when that same gorgeous puppy chews through anything not nailed down in your home. Save your furniture and get yourself some wonderful puppy toys from our extensive range. 

Dog Squeaky Toys

There are some dogs that love them, some hate them. If your dog just can’t get enough of squeaky toys, we’ve got you sorted. From tennis balls to tiki toys, cute bears to squeaky bones, there’s a squeaky dog toy for even the fussiest of puppers. 

Dental Toys

Has your pooch got breath that would peel the paint from a park bench? Our dental toys will keep them occupied whilst helping their teeth and gums stay clean.

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